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Monday, December 27, 2010

Mewwy Chwistmasss! :)

WHAT?!?!?! TWO posts in ONE day?! No way... WAY! Since people double gift for my birthday and Christmas.. I'm making a statement to "double-post" ;) Just jokes... but seriously.
It was a good, yet weird Christmas. Well, it started off weird anyway. Mom and Dad came into my room early to wake me up to open presents. It was sooooooo strange opening presents with just me, mom and dad. Isn't it like an unwritten and rule that your siblings come home for Christmas???? From the words of Bon Qui Qui- Rude. It was still good though. I felt pretty spoiled opening present after present after present with no interruption. That was ONE pro to add to my mainly CON list of being the only one home for Christmas morning. Traditionally, we had some of the extended fam come over for a Christmas feast later that day, that was fer fun :) Drum roll please........ and the highlight of the day goes to............. TALKING TO SAMMERS in LA:) TA DA! We even got to Skype him with the entire family. He looked SO good and happy! Awh.. we're proud of you Sammie Wammie :) Mewwy Chwistmasss! :) I hope everyone had a good day! I know I did. In fact, I had SUCH a good day that I'm going to go celebrate at the gym at 5:30am tomorrow morning. Awesome.


YaYa said...

weird, fun, happy, different....we loved having just you for Christmas Morning...enjoy it...it probably will never happen again, just like turning 20!

The Cannon Family said...

Security, se-curity