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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

2nd extra credit article- Writing For the Media

Utah Valley University Ballroom Dance Tryouts

Many potential ballroom dancers anticipate Utah Valley University’s auditions for the Ballroom Dance Bronze, Silver, Gold and Tour Teams Saturday, Aug. 28, at 8 a.m. in the Grande Ballroom.

The dancers will be required to perform the waltz and cha cha for the judges but are free to choose to demonstrate them in the International or American style of dance.

Although the dancers are able to choose which style they will perform, some experienced dancers such as Johnny Ahn think it is better to dance the routines in the International style.

“I think the scoring goes higher to those doing International routine's as opposed to American routines, which is unfortunate for those who don't know other dances and have to sort of wing it on the spot. But conversely, if girls meet up with a good dancer and practice some International routine's beforehand, then they stand a better chance of scoring higher,” he said.

Ahn went on to say that although ultimately he believes the judging is fair, the director of the company has the final say on who makes his team.

He also stated, “Ultimately all the better dancers are better because they have taken a lot of private lessons and have worked on their technique.”

Although nerves run high, there are many dancers who are very excited about the upcoming tryouts.

“It makes me nervous because I want to do my best,” says Jessica Carlson, a hopeful returning ballroom dancer at UVU. “But I love to dance and perform so I am really excited.”

All dancers must tryout whether or not they have previously been on the team in the past.

A potential returning ballroom member,18-year-old Makayla Hopkins expressed her excitement about the tryouts, “I am trying out because I love to dance.”

For more information about the upcoming auditions contact Scott Asbell at 801-863-8754 or Chris Witt 801-863-6757. There is also more information at http://www.uvu.edu/dance/scholarships/auditions.html.

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