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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Georgia Family Reunion 2010 "10 things..."

10 things that have made me laugh at the family reunion thus far...

1. Laci saying "That's what she said"

2. Gabe "transforming" every time a stranger walks by.

3. Mom throwing her head back in laughter, but no noise comes out.

4. Grace and Elle treating each other like little babies even though they're both babies and the same age.

5. All the girls quoting the famous "Bon Que Que" from YouTube nonstop...Rude.

6. Gabe saying, "Oh why thank you papa,that was so kind of you to do" after papa gives him a handful of popcorn.

7. Grace's unexpected trail of poop all over the floor during dinner.

8. Me tripping up the stairs. Oops.

9. Putting the kids on leashes so we don't lose them.

10. Dad burping/hiccuping(whatever you wanna call it) and scaring the crap out of everyone and then afterwards busting up in laughter.

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