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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Coming to the end of a wonderful chapter in Sara's Story

As most know, I've been staying at my sister and brother-in-law's house all summer working and helping out around the house in Georgia. Well... I leave today :( I'm going to miss them soo much! It's definitely bitter-sweet.What an incredible experience I've had! From working my first full-time job at an Orthodontist office to learning what it takes to be a mom, it's been quite the learning process this summer to say the least! Words can't express my gratitude to my sister, Cami who has let me take over a whole bedroom and bathroom in her house, eat her food, and making her take me back and forth to work every other week for about 3 1/2 months! Thanks for puttin' up with me Camayamaya :) It's been such a blessing to save some money for college, I'm gonna need it! Plus, like I said before, I've gotten a little taste of what it takes to be a real live mom! Cami and Erik trusted me enough to leave me with the kids for 4 days while they went to Las Vegas. Shocker, right? My goal was to just keep them alive till they got back! It actually turned out really well though! No problems whatsoever! We went to the pool, I took them on some walks in their wagon, Mcdonads, a church activity and  I even took them to the pet store and let them pick out a fish to take home (without Cami's knowledge by the way) oops. My bad. But they ended up LOVING Gill, the fish. Even though he looks like a worm that swims. Gabe absolutely insisted that the worm with fins was the one we needed to take home. Every morning Grace would get up and point to Gill and say, "Gi, Gi!!!!"and then laugh hysterically. Worth EVERY penny! And Gabe would go up to everyone we saw and say, "Hey, guess what? We have a new fish! And his name is Gill! He's visiting us for a while." Now, every morning he say's "Good morning Gill!" I had to win them over somehow, right? Anyway, that was the highlight of the weekend I think. The kids were angels (like they always are) and it was a good time! It's going to literally break my heart leaving them! I'm excited about a lot of things, but definitely not that! Who votes the Cannons move back to Utah?? MEEEEEEEEE!! Sigh.. I need my sisters closer to me. Cami? Laci? Lets be mature and come back home where you belong mmkay? Anyway, I just wanted to make sure Cami (and Erik and the babies of course) know how appreciative I am to them! This experience will help me the rest of my life!! Thank you sooo much for being such a good example to me in so many ways! You've taught me by example patience, love, having a good attitude when it's nearly impossible, doing things even if you don't want to and how important service is :) The light of Christ radiates from you! Wub you big sissner! Give the kids a kiss for me :)


Laci & Daniel said...

First off- LOVE your new look to the blog! Super cute!

Second off- I'm soooo soooo happy you had such an amazing time at Cami's!!!! SUCH an incredible experience that you will look back on ALL the time. I think about my time that I stayed with Jonna almost every day... and its been 6 years since I lived with her!! :o) Anyway, I'm excited for you to start school again and date and play and whatever, but I'm so happy you had this opportunity!

-and thirdly.. sadly to say, we probably will never be back in Utah :( Shhhh dont tell Mom :(

Gary, Aubrey, and Jacob Monson said...

What a wonderful experience! It was fun to get to see you when we visited Atlanta. I hope school goes well for you next semester!

The Cannon Family said...

Awwwwwww! How come I just barely saw this post?! You must think I'm so lame for not commenting, but I promise I just saw it today! You are so sweet. We had the BEST summer with you here and I bawled my eyes out the whole ride home from the airport. It's not the same without you here! You were such a big help over the summer, not only with the kids but for me as well. You are a great example, too, I hope you know! We love you : o)