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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Depew Orthodontics

This summer I had the incredible opportunity to work at Depew Orthodontics in Georgia. On of my friends Dad who used to be in Cami's ward hooked me up! It's not very often that jobs fall into your lap! Especially in this economy! Talk about a blessing! Everything worked out soooo well. Dr. Depew even runs an Orthodontic assisting college as well and he even signed me up for it online for FREE! And I can do it on my own time at my own pace! Everyone was so nice and welcoming to me and I made so many friendships, memories, and not to mention all the benefits I've gained from it! I even had a couple missionary experiences! I definitely lucked out :)

Shannon was sooooo nice to me! Love her!

Dr. D, Brittney and Shannon

They got me a cake! So cute and nice of them :) not to mention a card that they all signed and a $25 visa!

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Gary, Aubrey, and Jacob Monson said...

It looks like it was a great summer!